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Garage saleing

2004-05-22 22:09:59.694172+00 by Dan Lyke 5 comments

It started as a simple trip up to Novato to check out a warehouse sale on batik rayon, but on the way back we got distracted by garage sales, and by the time we got home the tandem (which seems to have gained the name "Sally") was stacked high with kitchen implements, games, clothing, and an electric ice cream maker. And this is the first picture of us with the tandem, at the end of our driveway, with aching thighs. 27 miles, a few decent hills, an average speed (when we were in motion) of over 9 mph and a max of 28. We're getting good with the cadence, too, we went from 80 being the absolute max a week ago (and I got hollered at good if we exceeded that) to holding 92 on one stretch, and we have a comfortable level ground speed of 19-20MPH.

Tonight Charlene works and I hang out with Alec, do some talking about all of those questions that come up towards the end of high school. Probably get pwn3d a lot, too.

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-05-23 13:59:13.229562+00 by: meuon

Ever realize that you are still a geek... and a thrillseeker.. but are getting older. Much older.

Electric Ice Cream Maker? - Can't you ONLY buy them at Garage Sales? At least a hand cranked ones gives you a workout as well.

Nancy's comment: Aching thighs too? From biking?

Love you bro.. I really do.

#Comment Re: made: 2004-05-23 13:59:31.572883+00 by: polly

WOW! great picture, nice to meet charlene! :) looks like you two did some SERIOUS yard saleing, i AM envious. "sally" looks like fun, lol. my saturday was spent busy working on the school stage getting it ready for the 8th grade promotion ceremony for monday. so, i didn't get to spend much time outside, except running to the "barn nursery" for big plants to put on the stage. the bike looks like a lot of fun...looking forward to more stories about "sally" and your adventures!

#Comment Re: made: 2004-05-23 19:22:42.846559+00 by: Dan Lyke

Yeah, we talked about the hand cranked ones, but remembering that particular workout from childhood decided that $5 for an electric was just fine. We want to try persimmon-cardamom ice cream, and I think there are some ways to improve on the vanilla honey lavender that the Fairfax Scoop[Wiki] does. Mostly though it's an excuse to host more backyard parties.

What's with aching thighs after biking? All good bike rides end in aching thighs. Of course that used to mean that killer hill at mile 80 on my Harlemville, New York to Newtown, Connecticut run, or struggling to get back over the ridge on the Chattanooga side of Red Bank after trying to set a speed record up Signal Mountain (and passing cars on the left on the way down the W road...), but I'll get back there... My current solo aching thighs ride actually has twice that in vertical, although I do it quite a bit slower; since I'm still carrying Charlene up the hills and since ya can't finesse a tandem on rough surfaces in the same way I think that route'll be a while off for the two of us.

Yard-sale scores: A bag for Charlene's handlebars on the bike, the toy airplane that you can barely see strapped on top of the box for one of her students, a couple of games (still in plastic!), a salad spinner replacement for our oft-abused and breaking one (a salad spinner is second after a good knife in "essential kitchen instruments"), a really nice steamer basket, two self-releasing cake/pie tins, and, of course, one of those buckets is full of clothing from the aforementioned warehouse sale.

The really cool thing is that with the carrying capacity (and I need to build some racks for the front) it's becoming our errand and shopping vehicle. one less car.

#Comment Re: made: 2004-05-24 13:00:33.832435+00 by: meuon

I liked that in your community of Fairfax a good bike makes a great errand and shopping vehicle. As you add some carrying capacity to Sally, think about using quick-connect hardware so that you can take it (and that weight/drag) off when you do not need it easily. Nancy and I went to a fund-raising mega-parking lot sale (she actually was one of the workers) scores included some funky and nice clothes for Nancy, a Charcoal Brooks Bro's suit in my size (and a style that is always in), and the find: a Wet Suit for $3.00 that is perfect for wet caves.. Nancy was laughing when she read this over my shoulder because her thighs were sore, just not from biking...

#Comment Re: made: 2004-05-24 17:02:40.908805+00 by: Dan Lyke

Yep, I'll have to provide some pictures and diagrams of our rear buckets, but they snap on and off really quickly, and I think I'll end up using a similar attachment system for our front racks; I got a good way through building a front rack yesterday. And as I was thinking about this, I think I've come up with an even better connect method for our front packs.

Yep, I've been too dedicated to biking recently if that's the context in which I think about aching thighs...