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2004-05-29 00:19:12.809767+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

One of the games we picked up on that infamous garage sale-ing trip was Equate. It's something like Scrabble played with arithmetic. With a tag like "High-scoring fraction tiles motivate players to learn about fractions" I figured this'd be one we opened up, looked at, and passed along to one of the kids learning fractions that we know, but after a cut-throat game last night I think this one might stay here. I can see a whole bunch of strategy in rack management, and a bunch of ways that I need to start thinking about larger numbers differently.

It seems to adapt rather well to differing math levels, and I think it's one that'll have a reasonable amount of play value. Worth considering if you're into such games.

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#Comment That review made: 2004-05-29 05:33:18.147852+00 by: baylink

sounds suspiciously like my decade-old reaction to Lemmings... so if you've never played it, hunt up t or it's open-source clone, and give it a try.

#Comment Re: made: 2004-05-30 13:51:05.933818+00 by: meuon

Nancy introduced me to a childrens game called SMESS "The Ninny's Chess" which is a blast to play, and defies logic and strategy. pic of board and a good overview. After plating a few rounds of Equate, Smess might be perfect for what's left of your brain.