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Power Tool Drag Races

2004-06-14 03:12:30.980484+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Today was "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...", so Zack and I went down into the city to see some "Action, Action, Action..." at the Power Tool Drag Races[Wiki].

There are some pictures from yesterday's action, alas Zack was dog tired from an all-weekend LAN party so we didn't hang around and see the dildo in one of the small classes which allegedly hit 70MPH, but we saw Nitro Powered Funny Saws, at least one vehicle which lit the track on fire (no, literally...).

John Hell, Chicken John, and Dr. Hal performed the announcement tasks, Chicken, as usual, talked too loud and too much, but, as someone in the crowd said "about one thing in six they say is funny", and that every sixth thing was pretty good.

Crews often had uniforms appropriate to their vehicles.

And I was going to try to get a better shot of some of the cheerleaders, so I held the camera up over the crowd, aimed it roughly so I thought I'd get her face and breasts, and... well... I don't think I could've gotten a more appropriate camera angle on purpose.

This competitor was 9 years old, the wheels on the vehicle were made from serving trays, the beast wobbled, and yet when they pushed the "start" buttons and the vehicles started down the track the other one started quickly, then derailed and crashed, leaving the slow and steady to win the race.

Of course there were flame throwing vehicles.

Cute decorations.

Cute decorations.

Some teams in the rider classes had different ideas about safety, despite the precarious posture of the rider, this guy had an amazing amount of safety gear on. Probably because of the precarious posture of the rider...

Kiki and Sparky were there, we didn't stay there until Sparky's run, but Kiki said she was kinda sad that she had to run again today, 'cause she didn't expect her vehicle to win. It didn't, but we all had fun.

And although sawblades were generally not a good wheel system, as they cut into the track, this guy ran fairly well.

All in all, it was a grand day out. Too bad Zack had to call it early, 'cause I now totally understand the appeal of standing around in the hot sun drinking bad beer and eating animal byproducts, I just need something more interesting than football or baseball while I do it. Recommended.

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