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2004-06-25 17:47:17.257145+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

I'm about to send out a bunch of individual invites, but mark your calendars now. We paid the deposit on the space yesterday. We've got room for 150, but will be quite happy if only 25 show up, as we expect it'll be the right 25.

(Alas, the venue is 21+, which means at least one person I wanted to attend won't be able to, but we had to get off our butts and do something to shake up this town.)

Way back before the .com boom, when the net was mostly for email and "multimedia" was the next big thing, there were parties. Excellent parties where people with interesting ideas talked about working on exciting projects that had the potential to change the world.

Then the boom hit, and the parties were inundated with hipster marketing guys and soon-to-be community college grads looking for web design jobs, and we confused funding rounds with marketplace success and selling advertising with changing the world.

We want to bring back the ideas...

When:Tuesday evening, July 20th, around 7:00 PM.
Where:Varnish Fine Art, 77 Natoma Street (between 1st and 2nd) in San Francisco.
What:Cash bar, ambient sounds, and lots of good conversation.

So take a break from doing your cool stuff to talk with others about their cool stuff. Invite your friends, spread the word, and bring your good ideas.

(Varnish Fine Art is just south of Market in the San Francisco Financial District with easy access to Cal Train for the South Bay, BART, the ferries, and, yes, even Muni. Late enough that you can get there, early enough that you can still catch that last convenient train or boat home.)

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