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Life today

2004-07-06 23:02:14.317035+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Two things puzzle me this afternoon, the first in a good way:

  1. The "yes I'm definitely coming" responses to the July 20th gathering in San Francisco have been overwhelmingly from women. I'm expecting a lot of people will just show up, but it's strange (in a good way) that in a field so dominated by men the women are the ones who seem to respond positively to a call for sharing ideas.

That's the cool one, and I don't know if it's just that there's a cultural difference in responding to invites (versus just coming) or whether there's some other dynamic at work. In either case, I'm confident we'll have some cool people there, next worry is just to think about dynamics for making sure that the conversations start and spin off. The second is:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET installer projects. I mean: What the fuck? Close a solution, open it, the properties and dependencies are all different. Randomly loses post-install steps because it randomly loses track of target files, or so it claims, because those files are actually ones which made it past the closing and opening step. What sadistic bastard thought this software was ready to ship?

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