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Music player working!

2004-07-19 00:35:47.826745+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

After much frustration with what extraneous services need to be available to mount network file systems, my Via Eden[Wiki] and MPD music player is working. The speakers I have available for it appear to suck, so that's the first thing we need to fix, and that should show whether I've got the rest of the audio drivers configured correctly (part of the audio issue may be aliasing and sampling rate, but I won't know until we try better speakers).

I may have to write a better Windows client, MPD Commander doesn't appear to allow playlist manipulation and the default skin sucks (why do all music players think that it's cooler to not use the system widgets?), but the Gnome Music Player Client appears to do everything I want on the Linux[Wiki] machines, so now it's just a matter of digitizing another 200 or so CDs...

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