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Still Sucks to be SCO

2004-07-24 17:02:10.857287+00 by TC 2 comments


It looks like SCO is surounded and about to torn in to little bits with the larger bits going to IBM and it's 14 counter suits. I know some people are never going to accept this but LINUX is being saved by BIG companies like Red Hat & IBM.

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-07-25 07:11:44.498025+00 by: Mars Saxman

maybe so, but it only needs saving because of other big companies, and the notion of linux as a thing that can be in danger only applies in the world of those big companies. Those of us with fewer than eight digits in our budgets can pretty much ignore the whole thing, except for the entertainment value.

#Comment Re: made: 2004-07-26 15:25:09.825237+00 by: TC [edit history]

Welp BIG companies that don't play nice are part of nature just like gravity and sun light and yes I ment in dager as a viable commercial/consumer product not the existance of the code(that genie is(thank $deity) uncorked for good). The entertainment value is quite HIGH for me since it looks like the white hats are going to soundly smack the slimeballs. I have seen it go badly for the good guys too many times.

I can now somewhat relax about SCO killing commercial linux and move on to my next Fear. Novel has bought up some very tasty peices of the LINUX puzzle(Ximian,Suse, etc) and it is almost certain they will foul them up.....long sigh....