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The Few, The Proud, The well Endowed

2004-07-24 17:06:35.907056+00 by TC 4 comments

Looks like the military is augmenting the troops

http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/07/21/military.perks.reut/index.html (note: edited link from linux tech to boob tech)

Do you think the implants are mil spec?

comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment Re: made: 2004-07-24 18:25:52.218486+00 by: Diane Reese

Do you think the implants are mil spec? I can't tell, the link tells me about SCO. ;-)

#Comment Re: made: 2004-07-25 02:23:38.341691+00 by: Mark A. Hershberger

Something more like the following?


#Comment Re: made: 2004-07-25 19:56:25.194142+00 by: petronius

I'll just wait for them to show up at the Army-Navy Surplus outlet,,,

#Comment Re: made: 2004-07-26 15:38:59.125165+00 by: TC

Sowry about that. I've been rather anti social last few months and have forgotten how to do a "drive by posting" or at least forgot to check the links. I suspect some kind of buffer polymorphism occured with my atrophied cut/paste skills.