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Pura Vida

2004-08-04 17:08:15.10432+00 by meuon 2 comments

Nancy and I just got back from a 12 day trip though Costa Rica, the fat bald guy on the surfboard is me. I had to try it, and it was a blast. Our adventure started in Liberia and took us to Playa Nosara (beaches) for a few days, then to the Volcano Arenal, the jungle river of Cano Negro, we even touched the border of Nicaragua, back through the Central Valley Mountains to the beaches of Punteranas and Playa del Coco. Our trip karma flowed, the people of Costa Rica were great and Nancy and I are looking forward to our next trip together... )^(.

Nancy and I will be posting all of the pictures soon, with commentary by both of us about things. Some spectacular photo's are coming (yes, that Volcano is erupting!). We did some touristy things, and some not so US-touristy things and had a blast. The snorkelling alone may be worth another trip.

Coming back to the US found my mailbox full of 2237 requests for GeekLabs Pocket Protectors thanks to it being listed on a couple of 'freebie central' websites for just 3 days.... luckily I claimed (and really did) only have 200 of them to give away.

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-08-04 17:27:51.123765+00 by: Mars Saxman

Oh, right on[Wiki]. Costa Rica is truly excellent - where did you go surfing?

Are you going to Burning Man with a camp? Do you know where you'll be staying? I'll be with Kaotica over in Gigsville...

#Comment Re: made: 2004-08-04 17:53:27.298466+00 by: meuon

That beach was Playa Pelada or the next one over.. all near Nosara. It's all a blur right now.

I've done the theme camp thing twice, this time I'm going as a 'tourist' camping in the burbs and having fun with some small things, maybe helping Rock-Em-Sock-Em-Robots Dave with his gig.. Gigsville is a kewl camp I'll look for you. Currently Nancy (girlfriend/sig-o), Jen (friend whom I went with last year) and I are doing a road trip out and back together.