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A Dan Update

2004-08-11 17:49:03.950841+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

I have some respite from Forest[Wiki]'s visit, so I'm madly typing away, catching up on stuff, trying to get some of my ideas down in code. Forest[Wiki] is here for the week, going nuts playing games with the surfeit of computing power in this house, but Charlene's entertaining him today, letting me write some code and catch up with job search issues and all of that stuff.

This last weekend and Monday we were out of town doing... stuff. At some point I'll have some notes on all sorts of issues, legal and moral, about personhood and sanity and the like, but not yet. I'm learning a lot about stuff I really don't care about except that it's important to people close to me.

Anyway, because there haven't been any updates to Flutterby for a while, I present: How To Destroy The Universe, Part 2 -- according to Kiki, for those of you who want to be "up" on the San Francisco art scene.

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