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2004-08-23 22:43:20.673943+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

It might behoove those of you who occasionally rely on the iron steed for transportation to check your chainrings and make sure that all of the bolts are in place. However, since this particular failure cascaded and made me replace all of my front chainrings and I'm now much happier with my shifting, it might also be worth your while to check for general wear. The guy at Mike's Bicycle Center in Sausalito[Wiki] who patched this up so that I could get home (after it failed on my way down to the headlands to meet up for Sunday's hike, which I still managed to make) said "you ride your bike pretty hard, don't you?" Yep, and the moment I figure out how to keep my rear derailleur aligned I'll be really happy.

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