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I want to ride...

2004-09-14 14:30:19.059094+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Two bicycle notes today. The first is that I've had Peter Jon White: How To Fit A Bicycle up in a browser tab for ages, and just need to link to it here so that I can find it again when I need it.

The second is that Conrad Oho[Wiki] took me on a tour of tuning up our tandem yesterday. I'll be doing similar things with Linux[Wiki] on his computers in trade. Every time I watch someone tune a drive train I learn things, and Conrad's the first person who's managed to get that cheap front derailleur working while it's straight (I'd gotten it working with a weird cant to it). The other is that I've managed to true a wheel before, but I've never watched someone else do it. While I've used spoke sound a bit, he used it a lot, and it was cool to see some of that technique.

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#Comment I'm sure made: 2004-09-14 16:37:51.123886+00 by: baylink

truer spokes were never whirred.