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2004-10-08 18:27:52.963526+00 by petronius 2 comments

I've enjoyed the stories of tandem bike riding in these pages, but a new question arises: Do human-powered vehicles have anything to match Viberider?

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#Comment Re: put it back in the saddle made: 2004-10-09 00:37:06.53201+00 by: polly

oh, my! not only is a woman dealing with a major orgasim from a "viberider", but now you are asking her to pedal on a bike at the same time???? she'd be dealing with charlie horses in her legs from the strain, lol.

thanks for giving me something to comment to...been offline at home for a while, the modem went out :( so while i could answer emails from school and do internet research, i was unable to go to *flutterby*, due to "catagorized as an inflammatory, racial, adult oriented site that is blocked by the tennessee department of education", or something to that effect. i just can't imagine where that idea would come from? go figure.

glad to see everyone...polly

#Comment Re: made: 2004-10-10 20:13:47.159521+00 by: petronius

While Charley horses could be troublesome, if you had a considerate partner they could do all the peddling for a while, maybe on the flat stretches....