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2004-12-02 18:33:14.333329+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

Red Hat's Robert Young is fond of using the "ketchup analogy" when talking about the Red Hat brand, so fond that for a while it was a running gag; at some panel Linus was reported to have said "not the ketchup story again...". It's even mentioned in the company trademark guidelines.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about why there's been no innovation in the flavor of ketchup, only in the packaging, in over a century.

This isn't strictly true, there are niche brands: we use a sweetenerless ketchup (ie: tomato paste, vinegar, cassia bark (aka "cinnamon"), celery seed and probably some other assorted spices), and the health food store has variants with assorted sweeteners besides corn syrup, but compared to, say, mustard, it's been dead static.

A good look at marketing, the perception of flavors and tastes, and tradition.

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-12-03 19:52:41.596983+00 by: Dan Lyke

It should also be noted that ketchup was about to fall off the hill, being overtaken by various salsas in the 1990s, but that may have shifted back at the end of that decade, something that some took as indication of a political shift to the right.

#Comment Re: Ketchup is dead made: 2004-12-05 09:40:27.773319+00 by: TaoJones

Try Sriracha (aka rooster sauce) instead. It's not hot. It's just a tad spicy ;)