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finding their rhythm

2004-12-11 19:35:38.646816+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

A father pedals with his 13 year old son from San Francisco to Los Angeles down Route 1, and reminisces about finding their rhythm on a Highway 1 tandem trip:

By the second day, scenery was yesterday's news.

"Scenery at 2'oclock,'' the teenager announced matter-of-factly from the rear seat, as we passed by yet another postcard-worthy spectacle, this time the glorious Point Sur lighthouse and the attendant sunset which, to maintain my tenuous credibility as a teenager's father, I tried not to make a big deal about.

No kid ever owned up to being impressed by scenery.

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-12-13 15:10:58.419569+00 by: ziffle

Reminds me of "Zen and the Art of ..."

That book lost it philosophically at the end, but the real crime I thought was the way the boy on the back of the bike was treated by his father. He later killed himself if I recall correctly.

So as I read "No kid ever owned up to being impressed by scenery." I thought what he saw was the back of his dads shirt for all those miles - the real issue was why not two bikes so the kid will feel like he was part of the happening?