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more podcasting

2004-12-12 20:40:41.219825+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

MarkV has two great notes on "podcasting" and the net in general. Scripting News, Trade Secrets and Ego:

Duplicating existing big media on handheld devices isn’t innovative or interesting, just as having traditional journalists publish blogs isn’t interesting. What is interesting in my mind is the ability of everyone to participate in the exchange of rich media to communicate with each other. And we can do that now.

and Why is podcasting important?:

Being provocative or negative is one way to generate traffic, but it doesn't generate culture.

Both are worth reading. And while you're reading about how weblogging has really changed the world, hop on over to uBlogger: a universal way of creating any weblog content from anywhere (thanks again to MarkV). It is not, alas, a product announcement. The critical bit was:

Blogging isn’t separate from reading. Or taking a photo. Making content and blogging content ARE NOT SEPARATE ACTIVITIES...

One of the things I've noticed in my work reading is that I'm taking notes that look an awful lot like weblog entries. And I keep realizing that I need my snippet manager[Wiki]. Charlene's class ends Monday night, so I can get back to the photo manager, which still needs its "exchange photos and meta information with peers" functionality, but has the configuration wizard in now. Hopefully before the new year I'll be able to lay at least that beginning on my beta testers.

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-12-13 00:29:54.864639+00 by: meuon

notes looking like weblog.. Funny, My work related notes are a LOT like a weblog, because they are a simple SEARCHABLE weblog. Great way to store data..