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Onward Christian Ex-Gays

2004-12-28 23:35:13.673286+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

We had to do a bunch of driving around and shopping kind of stuff today, and while we were in the car Charlene read Onward Christian Ex-Gays to me.

Infiltrator looks in on a few Christian groups that help misguided souls pray their way out of the gay lifestyle. Right here in the Bay Area.

It's often really easy to laugh at other people's spiritual paths or therapies, and quite often that sort of "I'm pulling one over on them" humor makes me cringe, but I enjoyed this one and laughed a lot.

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#Comment Re: made: 2004-12-29 16:36:20.869632+00 by: polly

wonder what these "groups" think of methodist and episcopals? both denominations are very tolerant of alternative lifestyles....they also do a LOT of praying for you, lol, with a very low key emphasis on judgment. yes, there have been some defrockings of proclaimed gay ministers within these denominations, but, i'm sure there are quite a few who are not professing their preference of partners.

i did love the "infiltrators" writing style...laughed my head off. he/the gaymores do "improv" very well! wonder if some of those "ex" gays are in therapy?