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Cold, wet and smiling

2005-01-02 23:45:08.237315+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

[Waterfall] The plan for this morning's hike was that Leo and I would leave our cars up at the intersection of Ridgecrest Boulevard and the Willow Camp Fire Road up on the Bolinas Ridge, bike down Ridgecrest and Bolinas Fairfax Road, meet Bill with at least a van full of people near the dam, and head up Cataract Creek.

I drove up the wet road, through the fog, dodging deer, only to discover that West Ridgecrest is gated and wasn't opened until nine. So I hoped Leo (coming from the other end) would take appropriate action (cell phone coverage was non-existent), dropped on my bike, and zipped back down, where I learned that most everyone had flaked, and that the hike was down to me, Leo and Bill.

Despite the logistics hassles, we still had a good, if cold and wet, hike. I didn't take the camera because I didn't want to disturb our houseguests this morning, but these are representative. The streams of white coursing down through the bright green layer over the reddish brown earth were well worth the temporary discomfort.

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