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2005-01-16 01:32:54.24574+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Towed the trailer on my mountain bike into San Anselmo[Wiki] for groceries today, stopped at San Anselmo Coffee Roasters[Wiki], where the Saturday morning musicians were having an absolutely killer jam session. I think I heard "...from the Robert Cray band" during one of the breaks, but whatever: I'm learning, especially from some of the email feedback I get here when I mention musicians I hear in Fairfax and surrounding areas, that many big names know the little names who play the clubs in this area and think very highly of'em, and that people play for their own reasons. If you missed this morning at The Roasters, you missed some killer music.

The air today is thick with mist, and there's a wind blowing east to west, so the climb (and it's long and subtle from Lagunitas) up White's Hill was a struggle. Coming back I had the trailer full of groceries, but the climb was short and steep; at the pass two turkey vultures were taking advantage of the ridge lift, hanging stationary in the sky over the slope. Then it was five miles of gentle grade keeping the speed up.

Yesterday, Charlene and I saw a coyote out near the golf course. Today there was a dismembered deer hanging from the barbed wire within 50 feet of the spot. The circle of life continues.

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