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2005-01-27 01:23:17.724192+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Uhhh... Wha.... huh? I'm... well... kinda speechless. And if I have trouble understanding the appeal of Bush, then this puts me way the hell out there beyond "not getting it" into some sort of "what kind of non-sequiter is this?" state: AbsorbShun "Decreases Vaginal Moisture Increases Sexual Satisfaction!" Apparently it's corn starch in a bottle that:

Makes men feel larger. Gives some men longer lasting, harder erections. No pills required.

Huh. Personally, I'm of the opinion that more slippery slidey goodness is better, and that if...

you want to drive men wild with a tighter vagina

you should just do a few Kegels now and then. But what really pegs my stereotype-ometer is that:

AbsorbShun natural powder donates 10% of all profits to World Vision.

World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization...

Wow. Just... wow. Thanks(?) to Sensible Erection who got it from World O' Crap who got it from... ("...got it from Agnes / She got it from Jim. / We all agree it must have been / Louise who gave it to him.").

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#Comment Re: made: 2005-01-30 12:29:35.396998+00 by: polly

there is a "natural" reason for all that "slippery slidey goodness"....and when you start tampering with natural normal functions, then you get a problem. as i read the advertisement for AbsorbShun, one of the last sentences states "Use of AbsorbShun natural powder in any quantity may cause temporary tenderness and micro abrasions to the genital area". temporary tenderness? more like blisters from being rubbed raw due to LACK of vaginal moisture. and for who's benefit is this supposed to be for? the first one mentioned is "men" and it is to men who seem to gain the most for the use of this powder! i didn't read the part where you order the stuff, so i don't know how much it costs. but for as little or as much....what a waste of money.