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Fêtes de la Nuit

2005-02-28 16:20:58.084324+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

It's hard for me to be critical after spending two hours giggling and leaving smiling, but that's my reaction to F[unknown char]tes de la Nuit[Wiki], which we saw at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre last night. Charles Mee strings together a bunch of sketches, some of which are supposed to be distinctly about Paris, some of which just seem to be there for the gag, into a two hour show that had us laughing, but sometimes because we had that surreal non-sequiter feeling that occurs with something like, say, Bulbous Bouffant.

Had we paid list for our tickets, I think we would have felt quite disappointed. When compared to some of the other funny plays we've seen in the past few years, like Fool Moon or Titillation Theater, it falls far short. But it was a fun two hours.

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