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online maps & web apps

2005-03-18 18:16:26.966841+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Much brouhaha has been made over Google Maps, including JJG's breathless proclamation that the platform he calls "Ajax" is the wave of the future (I'm being a little unfair to Jesse, so cut him some slack on that). Well, now that Google Maps supports Opera, I decided to try it out for some trip planning for a visit to the Sierra we're doing this weekend. While the "wow, the bear dances" factor of the dragging and scrolling and the dynamic tile updating was, indeed, cool, after a short time I was back at maps.yahoo.com because when the page loaded, I knew I was looking at the right thing. The more I see web apps come into their own, the more I think that Microsoft[Wiki] is looking in the right direction with notYET[Wiki], even though I desperately hope that that abomination isn't the one that eventually rules. I'd really rather see some combination of Python[Wiki] and Gtk[Wiki] become the standard for such things, or maybe that companies find ways to provide the services component of these things in a way that application authors can use them and the appropriate money can gety spread around.

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