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Off to Yosemite

2005-03-18 20:06:48.202853+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Sometimes our timing rocks, and sometimes it sucks. In this case we seem to have scheduled to follow a moderate winter storm into the Sierra. We're heading out late this afternoon, and staying down in Mariposa[Wiki] because the full-on motels there, an hour and a half off the Yosemite[Wiki] valley floor, are cheaper than the tent cabins in the valley are right now (A few years ago I think we got 'em for $30/night, right now they're upwards of $60 for canvas walls with no food lockers), so we get heating and the ability to bring our own food in exchange for some travel (we might even bus in, although we're taking the tandem for toodling around the valley). And that time is to the floor, there's lots south of the valley we haven't explored much yet (maybe even do some cross country skiing, if the snow level is low enough, it's supposed to be 7k feet).

Anyway, with the storm coming in and supposedly clearing on Sunday, it should look something like this, only with a little more white on the cliffs, more pictures over in the Yosemite Pictures[Wiki] Wiki[Wiki] entry:

[Yosemite Falls]

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