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She's Out There

2005-03-25 15:37:58.303249+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Last night we had to shuttle Zack[Wiki] around a bit, and went to the Cafe Amsterdam[Wiki] on the way home. The band was She's Out There[Wiki], consisting of Susan Z, Liz Pisco and Christie McCarthy, with one other woman whose name I missed occasionally stepping in for a guitar solo. It took about three songs to grab me, but once they did we stayed through the whole set. And in a club where sometimes I wish the band would play a little louder because people talk when they eat, with 40 or 50 people in it, the volume was just fine because people stopped talking when the music started. We're putting them, collectively and singly, on our "go out of our way to see" list.

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#Comment Re: made: 2005-03-28 14:32:57.104666+00 by: ebradway

I guess in the Southeast we have the opposite problem. Asha and I went to Bad Ass Coffee on Market & 4th last weekend to catch the acoustic group there. Despite the fact that they were playing in a small room with no carpetting, they felt they needed to use a PA. We left, despite the fact the music was good, because we couldn't hear ourselves think.

This weekend, we caught Jennifer Daniels at Rhythm & Brews. Another small place for the size PA they use. Jennifer, by the way, is one of those performers that you really have to see in person to appreciate. I've never seen such an animated performer. CDs don't do her justice.