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Hike today

2005-05-02 02:13:26.763907+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Hike today was up from Audubon Ranch to the Coastal Trail, down through the wildflowers (pretty amazing, the orange of the poppies, the red clover, interspersed with swaths of beautiful purples), across to Laurel Dell for a bathroom break, on Cataract to Rock Springs, thence down to Pantoll to catch the Dipsea down to Stinson Beach.

Leo was just commenting on the quality and quantity of the women along the Dipsea when we were passed by two such on the downhill. Figuring that their pace was as good as any, I tucked in behind. Ya know how they say "if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes"? Yeah, I'm cool with that. Taking my cue from soccer and my various martial arts experiences, I realized that if I watched the waist in front of me I didn't have to watch the trail, and made the car in record time.

All in all a great warm-up for next week's slog down the Coastal Trail from Sir Francis Drake Boulevard to the Golden Gate Bridge.

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