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SUV finale

2005-05-02 14:27:17.208903+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

I guess I didn't get a definitive answer on my questions as to whether the SUV backlash has hurt SUV sales or helped the sales of more efficient vehicles, I was wanting to bring whatever answer we came up with there into the context of the rudeness to Scalia question. But I still lack the answer.

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#Comment Re: made: 2005-05-02 17:59:19.225148+00 by: Larry Burton

Maybe it wasn't definitive enough for your purposes but reading back over the replies just now I gathered there was a consensus that the SUV backlash had little to no effect the sale of SUVs or more fuel efficient vehicles.

#Comment Re: made: 2005-05-02 19:18:00.103115+00 by: Dan Lyke

Larry: Yeah, I guess that's what I was reading too. My gut feel, especially given how the Prius and Insight have become the "middle aged guy on the prowl" vehicles in my neighborhood, was that it hadn't influenced SUV sales, but had influenced fuel efficiency.

But I guess overall, if the analogy is true, this would suggest that calling out Scalia will have little to no effect on public opinion, but will make us feel good.