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New World Bank

2005-05-18 14:39:18.800582+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Now that Paul Wolfowitz[Wiki](a local performer has pointed out that this rhymes with "chickenshits") has been lured away from his valuable job coming up with new justifications for military actions as the old ones were shown to be lies, he's off to the world of high finance, where he can provide new customers to all of those military contractors, rather than just expanding their current customer base. Obviously, the old structures need to be re-invented, thus: The New World Bank (thanks to reader Chris).

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#Comment Re: One big, happy family made: 2005-05-19 14:30:41.079625+00 by: BC

The insertion of Wolfowitz is nothing more than putting the Neocons' hands on the purse strings. You can darn well bet they will fund countries that will do their bidding, such as the Ukraine, which will be used to pressure Putin into going easy or releasing Khodorkovsky. The Oligarchs and the Neocons, one big happy family.