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annoying advertising

2005-06-01 16:20:55.329378+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

I was going to link to this reprinted press release when I noted some wacky formatting, which turned out to be ads from Vibrant Media's IntelliTXT technology, which linked the word "communication" in this sentence:

Upper-income parents, who tend to have closer communication with the school and with teachers, are better able to assist their children with homework.

(emphasis mine) to a link to a "Microsoft® Office Live Meeting" ad. Similar words were highlighted with a wacky double-underscore down the page, all with links to completely unrelated content. Vibrant Media's IntelliTXT technology explanation for all of this says that:

IntelliTXT enhances and helps support this content by delivering relevant messages in a user-controlled format.

Uhh... No. Not one of those links was relevant, and unless "user-controlled format" means that you should immediately install DumbTXT or IntelliTXT Disabler into Greasemonkey to make sure you never see such stupidity again, neither is it user-controlled.

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