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WWDC day 3

2005-06-08 20:12:09.808887+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Kinda disappointed so far at WWDC, ending up with more applications kind of stuff, maybe that's just because I've been picking my sessions wrong. But I sat in on a few "Cocoa" things yesterday ("Cocoa" and "Carbon" are Apple's competing widget sets) and... well... the thing I hate most about programming is when I have to know the particular quirks of a system rather than being able to just being able to express myself. OS X[Wiki] sucks less than Windows[Wiki] in this respect, but I'm still seeing... well... I'm not sure, but I'm amazed at how strongly the open source frameworks are out-innovating the proprietary folks, even in widgets and interfaces.

Chatted with Dave and Dori on Monday.

Spent the morning hanging out with Marty of Better Light, looking at the sofware he's written to control their view camera back, 6k by 8k, scanning, with 13 stops if you "fudge it the way film guys do", 10 stops of exposure practically. Very cool stuff, and it also drives the PanoScan beasts.

One of the things we got to talking about was speculating ways to drive some of the preview processing with graphics hardware. I think there could be some tremendous coolness there.

Watching the Ageia presentation right now, with their API that'll scale to their hardware physics simulator... Looks kinda cool, but their demo is one of those "huh, that's not how I'd demonstrate a really hot physics engine...". If they make inroads, I think it'll be by being on a console first.

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