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Sierra break

2005-06-27 16:43:01.75928+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

On Saturday I met up with Charlene's brother, who rides a Calfee Design frame with hand-picked components, so he's pretty hardcore. I rode his commute bike, which is still many steps above my $20 garage sale special, and we started at Shaver Lake, over a mile above sea level. We immediately cranked up another thousand feet over the Bald Mountain pass, and then out and back to Wishon Reservoir with fairly continuous ups and downs.

The ride took us through towering Sequoia, blooming dogwoods, high mountain meadows with blooming wildflowers, snow filled forests, with an excursion up to Dinkey Creek, where I decided that recent snow melt wasn't something I really wanted to take a dip in, given that the winds were keeping us quite comfortable temperature wise.

61 miles at altitude, not a killer ride, but my legs came out just about even with the end of the trek.

On Sunday, Charlene and I found a big expanse of granite and soaked in the ambience, the birds chattering away, the wind through the trees, the snow capped peaks in the distance, and the wildflowers.

And I had a few revelations about religion, one in a Serbian Orthodox church, that I'm trying to figure out how to express in relation to those Dominionism comments.

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