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Bike stuff

2005-06-28 15:04:23.910547+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

Dang it, somebody buy this (2002 Cannondale frame, Shimano Ultegra & Dura-Ace components, $1200, and I don't need the pedals) so that I don't.

Also occurring on Saturday while I was riding in the mountains was the Climb to Kaiser: 155 miles, 14,000 feet of climbing, half-way is at 9k feet. We saw the pack coming up Tollhouse (6.5 miles at 12%, with a kicker closer to 16% for the last few at the very top), and Rob's done it once. Sounds like something I need to do. An account from someone who did it in '96, an account with sectional notes, a 2003 climber, so you wanna do it?.

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#Comment Re: made: 2005-06-28 18:39:06.17606+00 by: meuon

Go the other way: I'll soon be posting pics of my 2 person low-tech home made recumbent. A little playing with others bikes has convinced me a real recumbent is the way to go.. and my next high-grade purchased bicycle will be a recumbent as well. Currently drolling over a titanium Z-Bone.

As for the long low monster.. Nancy say's she'll ride it with me AFTER it's been thoroughly tested. Clem (Caving/Burn Buddy) has volunteered to test it with me :) In it's maiden run down Lower Brow Road, I quickly realized playing around with minimal steering and no brakes is not smart on a hill.