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2005-08-27 01:44:02.117442+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

While it's not nearly a success on the same level as Diane's, on Monday, coming back, somewhere between getting off the airplane and getting in the car, I set down my camera bag, because by the time I got home it wasn't in the car. We'd had some changes in logistics, and with all of the running around to deal with that I wasn't sure where it could be. On Tuesday I went over to the airport and spent quite a while wandering around, poking my head in offices, and then wrote it off for lost.

It wasn't all of my camera gear, I'd left my 70-200/2.8, a couple of primes, and one of my film bodies at home, but when I totaled up replacement for the missing gear in order to make the police report, I came up with a number somewhere north of $4.5k.

Yesterday evening, Oakland Airport lost & found called me. They'd found it. Nothing is missing. So a couple of "you guys rock!" and "wow"s out to the staff at OAK, including some unknown saint from the 30 minute parking lot.

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