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Opera, for free!

2005-09-30 19:53:58.271116+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

You may not have noticed, but Opera, the web browser, is now free. I've been paying for it for years, but on my seldom used Windows XP box and the Mac I'd just been using Firefox, 'cause it was free and still had the critical features (ie: tabs). Even though I had to retrain my fingers to switch browsers; not that hard 'cause most Mac apps use the "alt" key where other platforms use "control", and I'd already trained myself to use the longer Emacs[Wiki] key sequence alternatives where keyboard mappings differ.

Anyway, I just popped up Opera on the Mac and realized why I'd paid for those several licenses I've bought: Much faster, smaller system footprint, cleaner window decoration designs. Suddenly the 1.6 GHz PPC OS/X box finally snaps the way my 800 or so MHz Transmeta Linux laptop does. Now that it's free, it's really the cheapest way to upgrade your computer.

Now if I can just figure out what's going on when this machine hard power crashes so I can give Apple a reasonable bug report to help 'em with their crash recovery, I'll be happy. I've reinstalled the OS twice this week. And does anyone else have the issue where their power adapter just shuts off occasionally?

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