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Sony cracking your computer, redux

2005-11-04 18:43:28.527098+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

I mentioned Sony's shrouded system processes for DRM. It has been discovered that having this patch installed this also effectively hides some cheats from anti-cheating software for online gaming. Anyway, Sonly has released 3.4 megabytes of patch that allegedly makes the cloaking go away, but doesn't say what else they do in that 3.4 meg (on top of whatever the original install).

ATO Records: Information Regarding Our Artists' Music, Copy-Protected CDs and your iPod is one record company talking about some of the blowback they've gotten over this (Sony is their distributor):

We also recommend assuring that "auto-run" is not enabled for all discs you use on your PC, and not accepting Windows Updates that include changes to your "DRM" or Digital Rights Management (especially those in Windows Media Player 10), until we can guarantee these problems won't arise. In the meantime, the easiest way around these issues is to use Apple Computer products in conjunction with your iPod.

(Thanks to Dave)

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