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2005-11-11 16:17:49.966614+00 by ebradway 1 comments

[Shot showing BAP platform.] This past weekend, I travelled up to Dr. R. Gary Litchford's place in Piney, Tennessee, to work with my Balloon Aerial Photography system. It's been a little while since I posted about this project, but it has been developing and here are some of the results.
[Spinning Fall Colors] It was very windy, gusts 10-15 mph. This is not ideal balloon weather and would have been better suited for a kite. But until I get my Sutton Flowform 30 that I've been wishing for, I'll have to fight the balloon!
[Showing Fall colors] I reeled out all 1000ft of my line. I now use 200lb test Dacron kite string since I lost my last balloon due to tether failure. This gondola uses an Olympus Stylus 410. A great little 4Mpix camera that comes with an IR remote (key to the way the system functions).

[BAP drainage patterns] I'm not using a picavet-style suspension yet and had a lot of camera spin. We were mostly interested in the drainage patterns in the clearcut lot but I also got some great shots of the Fall colors - which just happened to be peaking that weekend!
More pics and info on Eric's project will be available at the UTC Aerial Photography site.

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