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[Shot showing BAP platform.] Taken: 2005-11-07 00:48:28+01
Photographer: ebradway
Model Release: No information for this image
Tech Notes: Camera make : PENTAX Corporation / Camera model : PENTAX Optio S55 / Flash used : Yes / Focal length : 17.4mm / Exposure time : 0.002 s (1/640) / Aperture : f/7.7 / ISO equiv. : 200 / Metering Mode : center weight

Eric's Balloon Aerial Photography Platform. The balloon is tethered to the end of about 1000ft of 200lb kite string. It's a 7ft diameter advertising balloon filled with helium. In the middle of the picture, the black speck is the condola containing the camera and transmitter. This was taken by Eric, holding the end of the string on a very windy day (for BAP anyhow).

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