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Why I'll never be a web designer.

2005-11-18 17:56:11.323462+00 by meuon 1 comments

So the big draw at the Cre824 web design competition is that Kevin and Alex of Diggnation were doing a 'live podcast' from Chattanooga. Lots of people showed up just for this 'feature'. I had never heard of them except from this event and it's world, so I wondered what I was missing. Answer: Not Much. This was like Bob and Doug McKenzie talk about beer, technology, beer, websites, beer... Only in person and not as funny or as insightful.

The next expert's topic will be: "The Death of the Future of Interaction: Getting Over Usability & Into the Brand".

I'll never be a "web designer".. and after meeting what is supposedly the bleeding edge of it (at least around here..).. I'm proud to be a geek.

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#Comment Re: made: 2005-11-21 20:08:57.000098+00 by: Dan Lyke [edit history]

Remember, over a decade ago, when we used to tell tom kunesh[Wiki] "don't tell them how easy it is, just do it and get paid for it!"?

Anyone these days billing themselves as a "web designer" makes their living by convincing their clients that there are arcane mystical goings on and only said web designer can puzzle out the intricacies of how people use the web. This leads to all of the usual abuse of JavaScript[Wiki] and absolutely hideous interaction design and all of that other grossness, but if you haven't had your bozo bit flipped then, yeah, it's roughly like watching philosophers or other stoners have conversations about the nature of the universe.