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More 2257 follies

2005-11-28 11:09:28.28453+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

2257 enables stalkers:

Since June 23, a Justice Department ruling has made it possible for anyone purchasing photographs from an adult content provider to get models’ personal information, including real names, home addresses and telephone numbers.

What's worse is the cavalier attitude towards individual safety and liberty that the Justice Department under the canard of "protecting the childruuuuuun":

The Department of Justice addressed and dismissed this concern in the May 24, 2005, Federal Register. “While the Department is certainly concerned about possible crimes against performers and the businesses that employ them, the necessity of maintaining these records to ensure that children are not exploited outweighs these concerns,” the department wrote.

a lie because the industry has a long history of keeping out underage performers, a lot of motivation to do so, and those who have slipped in have done so with the aid of government documents which were issued without reasonable scrutiny.

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment Re: made: 2005-11-28 12:52:56.685676+00 by: meuon

Having been involved in some very distasteful real child pornography cases, and helped track down a couple of real cyber-stalkers, including one that turned out to be the stalkee herself (publicity for a vamp-goth-erotica writer), I agree that these are real and serious issues: ie: Child Porn and Stalking/Confrontation.

Now for the unpopular rant: Traci-Lords, 15/16, who procured fake ID is not the problem, or the other 17 year olds that fake ID. Real porn content producers try hard to make sure everyone is legal... really.

The child porn I've testified about in court isn't about cute 17 year olds willingly having sex. It's about 5 year olds.. 10 year olds.. dressed up, bad makeup covering the bruises, mutilated abused genetalia.. and looks of sheer terror on their faces. No ID required to tell that these are under-age, unwilling participants. They (photo's and movies) exist, I've helped "authorities" sort THOUSANDS of them and I am sure there are LOTS more now. It was a long time ago, and I'll hopefully never have to do it again.

The issue in these cases is sick twisted people with serious issues. Many of the same issues as the "Stalkers". That's the problem, and If I knew what to do about it, I'd share it.. I'm hoping we evolve past these societal problems but I'm being delusional.

The issue in 2257: is the religious right is politically very active. To them, it's just another step in eradicating human sexuality in the name of the Lord. It's low hanging fruit.. their agenda is much MUCH bigger and invades the privacy of our homes, our consenting adult interpersonal relationships. What scares me is this is the very crowd that has these issues seems to me to create the very psychosis and fetishes that they are against: Of 4 major cases I've been onvolved with locally, 2 were youth ministers at fundemental Baptist churches and were abusing that position, 1 was preacher, and 1 was not very religiously oriented (but became a born again Christian during the process). Sadly, the non-religious person who posted pictures he'd downloaded elsewhere got the most time in jail.. the others, who actually were involved in actual sexual acts with minors and took photo's/movies of it did not get as much media notice or punishment.

As you can probably tell, I had some major crisis of faith in both humanity and myself when dealing with these things...I'm still conflicted in some ways.

#Comment Re: made: 2005-11-29 13:07:04.140166+00 by: meuon [edit history]

Karmic Update: $DIETY tasked me for my comments here last night. It's the way She works. I'd talked to a right wing conservative republican a few weeks ago about a website for his gubernatorial race. I pushed him on his views and showed him how websites went together, why some worked this way, and that way.. and.. and was borderline obnoxious because I really did not want to do his site. I even reccomended other more Christ-centric politically savvy web designers.

He called last night. He wants me to do his website: "You're the one guy who's been straight with me."

I'm telling ya'll that $DIETY exists and has a sense of humor.