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Three for the road

2005-12-14 22:24:07.930843+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

The universe is punishing me for not always carrying a camera.

  1. This morning I drive over to Woodacre to help out a friend who got locked out. Pick up a hitchhiker who, at first I think, is smoking a bit old cigar. As I stopped he stubbed it out, but as he got in the car I could smell that it's the largest blunt I've seen outside of a Cheech & Chong movie. He offered a hit, I declined. I love west Marin.
  2. Run down to the post office, and on my way this gorgeous little songbird is pacing me in the bushes, fully visible, and doesn't fly away when I look over.
  3. A big ol' red tail on the power lines observes me as I walk underneath him. We make eye contact, he continues to watch me, then looks away, then back, but makes no move to fly.

Each of these would have made a better illustration for Flutterby than Pope Benedict's mug shot.

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