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Linux rocks!

2005-12-23 20:31:16.863558+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

After fighting with the network card and stupid printer drivers on Windows XP (Printer works fine under Windows 98 on Charlene's laptop, but under XP on the desktop we couldn't get the right combination of stuff going to get good photos), I broke down and installed Gnome to give Charlene a reasonable environment on the desktop machine. She'd previously had a desktop Linux[Wiki] machine on which she'd used OpenOffice.org, but had gone back to Windows when she got her laptop. With Nautilus and GnomePhotoPrinter she's been cranking through the old images, printing lots of stuff, and in conjunction with the aforementioned OpenOffice.org and TuxPaint to doodle out some icons for her developmentally disabled brother I think she might actually get to the "can we put Linux[Wiki] on the laptop?" stage pretty soon.

My dad's been enjoying Suse, and... well... I just need to break it to the rat boys[Wiki] that I'm not going to keep a Windows machine around for games any longer, if they want me to play something with 'em it has to run under Linux.

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#Comment Re: made: 2005-12-24 01:29:30.874951+00 by: ebradway

Ok... I don't think you mentioned color management issues with WinXP. I'm sure there's some magic incantation encoded in a series of deeply hidden buttons in XP that provide control over color across devices but I sure as heck can't find it. All of my devices: monitors, cameras, printers, etc., produce different colors. No idea...

I'm actually at a point where I should delve deeper into XP printer controls, but I think I'll just let it slide until the next iteration of Windows...