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Windows vulnerability

2006-01-04 14:49:52.745159+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

In case you're still running Windows, you should be aware that there's a Windows ".WMF" vulnerability that can be exploited by JPEG[Wiki], GIF[Wiki], and several other file formats, and there are exploits in the wild that will infect your computer if you visit a hostile web site. The official fix is due next Tuesday, there's an unofficial patch which you probably want to use now if you use a Windows computer on the web.

Other Microsoft[Wiki] vulnerabilities? Well, if you're Chinese Microsoft could censor your weblog.

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#Comment Re: made: 2006-01-04 17:04:21.240101+00 by: meuon

One of my clients got hit with it on the first day, corrupted his tcpip.sys file which took him completely off-net. I'm now getting it via e-mail, both infected images and links to sites with infected images. - But I'm running PINE for e-mail.. and I check them out with elinks (text mode browser..).

It's a nasty world out there.. wear a write protect tab.