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Kids scare the Edu-System

2006-01-07 13:14:54.954008+00 by meuon 1 comments

According to: The Canton Rep (which requires a long registration, so I am quoting highlights here):

On Wednesday morning, (city proscecutor) Forchione filed a felony criminal charge of disrupting public services against Michael W. Stone, 18, of 13634 Mogadore Ave. NW. Uniontown police arrested the Lake High School senior at the school.

What for you might ask?:

Stone created a blog on a Web site that encouraged others to use a link to another site.(the school website) Once at the second site, Stone told users to "hold down F5 to help crash my school server,"

OK, that is wrong. but not Felony Arrest level wrong. It's "young man, remove the Blog entry" wrong. It's "get the parents down here" wrong. It's "detention" wrong... And if you want to play the "Freedom of Speech" card: It might be a lot less.

The schools website: Might be this, but I'm not sure, it's refusing connections. The google cache shows it was up on Jan 1, so that must be it. Oh, I just linked to it didn't I. Dang.

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comments in ascending chronological order (reverse):

#Comment Re: Educators and Children made: 2006-01-07 17:09:57.37824+00 by: m

These types of actions should be a major scandal. Too many educators see their charges as space filling automatons. Any deviation from this, be it a three year old pointing a chicken finger and saying "bang", a 14 year old sharing a Tylenol, little boys acting like little boys should, or a personal and private web site that expresses political opinions seems to be justification for the expulsion, police, handcuffs, tasers and arrests.

Successful entertainers often become the victim of their own isolation by wealth and sycophants. I suspect that too many educators suffer a similar problem. They spend their days dealing with children, and parents who will do most anything to agree with and not aggravate a teacher or administrator for fear of reprisals against their children. As a result, too many develop the pathological world view of petty despots, whose sole interest is in power and control. Such individuals have no interest in children or teaching, but only in punishment.

Looking back at my schooling that spanned the 1951-63, when class sizes up to 60 kids, there were always teachers who could not control their students, and other teachers who never had a discipline problem. Oddly enough, the teachers who couldn't control the kids without screams, threats and punishment were always the ones who couldn't teach. Those who had no difficulties with class behavior, were almost always those who could, and loved to teach.

Children are children. It is the time of their lives to make mistakes, and be corrected according to their status, not arrested and jailed for saying "bang", or "I hate you", or "I wish you were dead", or age appropriate consensual sex play. All too often, children are hammered with the law, when they are not even doing is not even a mistake, just childish behavior. Anyone who can't recognize this in unsuited to the field.

Those who don't like children should stay out of education. Those who want to beat, jail and tyrannize them are psychologically deficient and shouldn't be allowed in the field.