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Gun law lunacy

2006-01-08 22:18:26.913941+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

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#Comment Re: made: 2006-01-09 11:49:01.271453+00 by: meuon

She was "carrying concealed without a concealed carry permit", and knowing California grocery stores, add "in a place that sells alcohol". And she let the restraining order lapse. Add that a purse is a poor place to 'carry', they get put out of the way, stolen/lost (and then they have your gun as well as money/id. Ouch.).

I wonder how it was handled at Albertsons... the store. Probably poorly, and hence the problems. Assuming: The store manager and/or cashier freaked when the saw the pistol while looking for her ID so they could call her and let her know where her purse is... assumed she was a criminal or dangerous, called the cops, and once a report is made, the wheels turn and the system sucks.

I don't carry as often as I used to because of positive lifestyle changes, but I still just renewed my permit, and do carry (especially when travelling). I implore anyone that owns a gun to take the class and get the permit for two reasons: The most important/useful part of the class was "how and why to deal with police when needed" - It's been very useful. She needed that one. The 2nd is it tells the police and the world what your intentions are: I'm carrying legally for protection and have taken rational steps as a responsible citizen.

My last comment: She was relying on that same fouled up system to protect her? My philosophies are different, hiding never works, he's see you at a store or someplace eventually.