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the money shot

2006-02-16 17:07:49.944424+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Sometime after coining the word Santorum (I'd reiterate the meaning, but I got a bunch of "eeew, I didn't have to read that" last time...), Dan Savage[Wiki] said that there's no more room for naming sex acts after politicians (especially since Robert Anton Wilson[Wiki] did it so effectively that one time). Except that... well... Violet Blue may very well be on to something:

...the meme has begun: "Cheney" is now code for facial comeshot. Usage: "I'm going home with a bottle of champagne to play Cheney with my boyfriend." Hornboy asks, is it specifically an unexpected comeshot? Good question. Either way, when it's a faceful of spray, it's definitely a Cheney.

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