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Amgen Tour of California

2006-02-20 22:22:52.28257+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

We've got ourselves a little ol' bike race goin' down in these parts, and at lunch today I wandered over to Olema to see the pack go by. That means the two guys on the left, a long wait, and then the hundred or so rest of the pack, all in one tight bunch, and then wait for all of the support cars to go by before crossing Route 1 to get back to my car. I think the bike to motorized support vehicle ratio was roughly 1-1, which seems like it's important on some level, and damn that's a lot of waiting and watching for very little.

But the conversation with others hanging around a bit was good, and I dropped back to put the Point Reyes Seashore Lodge & Conference Center sign in the shots of the pack 'cause I was talking with the folks who ran the place, and they were trying to get pictures they could use.

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