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conspicuous consumption

2006-03-05 21:14:56.855919+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

Charlene has a knack for finding deals on shoes. So yesterday we hit a shoe store that was going out of business. I've been looking for something knockabout, sneaker-ish, with some top support so that I don't mash my toes on downhills. But despite my tendencies towards Birkenstock, I have trouble paying more than $90 for a pair of hiking boots, shoes that I put at least 500 miles a year on.

So I'd been hitting the bargain racks at Marshall's and such, but hadn't seen a cheap set of sneakers. Yesterday I was running down the close-outs at this yuppie shoe store, almost willing to make a compromise, when I tried on a pair of sneakers that were originally marked $219. Gulp. But going out of business sales are such that I ended up with two pair of snazzy leather Mephisto shoes, essentially sneakers. Further reports as to longevity and such as the year commences.

But it was a good prelude to the evening. We went to the fundraiser for the school Charlene works at, a fairly stock silent auction casino night affair, the theme was western, we had fun dressing up. They had an open bar, something I thought was kind of weird until I realized what happened at the live auction portion.

You see, each class, K through 5, makes a big art project. Said art projects are then auctioned off, bids starting at $500. But there's only one art project per class. So, you know, it's okay if Tommy's parents get the project, because they really love their kid and all, and, mom and dad, I understand that I can't have the project I worked on, really, I mean, we can't afford it even though we live in southern Marin. Right? Yeah, add in some alcohol and... well...

Yeah, that night pulled in well into the six figures for the school play field construction fund.

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