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Training update

2006-03-27 18:54:07.948617+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

More diary than weblog: Yesterday Charlene and I rode the tandem on a Marin Cyclists twenty miler from Corte Madera over into Mill Valley, out through Strawberry and Tiburon, and back along Paradise Drive, a route I'd done on Thursday. We were out pulling on the front of the pack, so we missed that one of our group went down and was taken by ambulance to the hospital until the end of a long wait at a regroup point.

This morning I did the route again, after a leisurely ride to Tiburon and the regroup at the top of the hill on the way out of town, I put the hammer down and led for a few miles (had to drop back a bit to pick up the pack at first), before I ran out of oxygen, let the two guys behind me by with the hope of trading leads and drafting, but lost their slipstream and got dropped on an uphill. Not sure if it was lack of calories, or just that I was running at aerobic limit for too long.

However, got some assurance that the Muir Beach loop on Thursday mornings was within my grasp. Rain for the next two days, though. Bummer.

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