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2006-05-01 03:23:03.173939+00 by Dan Lyke 0 comments

This morning, driving out to help Athena[Wiki] and Forest[Wiki] move, we had someone close behind on the way down White's Hill, and in Fairfax that turned into a downright tailgate (despite the fact that I was tooling along at above the speed limit). As Sir Francis Drake turned from one lane each way to two, he went zipping around us, and I remarked to Charlene, "never a cop when you need one". But, lo, two blocks hence there was indeed a cop with a radar gun parked in the High School parking lot... And three blocks after that balance was restored in the universe. Yay to the San Anselmo[Wiki] police!

As of this afternoon Zack[Wiki], the youngest of the rat boys[Wiki], is an award winning actor on stage and screen, with a super dark adaptation of Stephen King[Wiki]'s "Night Surf" that he made with a couple of friends that showed in a local film fest. We sat through all two and a half hours of shorts, and disagreed slightly with the judgement of the judges, but quibbles, mostly.

And although helping them move on a moment's notice was a hiccup in the schedule and something of an annoyance, and take me away from a hike, I still got a workout from it. So life is good.

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