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Techs To Go

2006-06-16 19:20:47.376233+00 by Dan Lyke 1 comments

A completely computer illiterate friend of mine, to whom I gave a computer ages ago, deleted some files. Not having dealt with the "how do I get back deleted files from a Windows system" for... oh... probably a decade and a half, I said "danged if I know", so she lugged the computer off to Techs To Go. For a hundred bucks they recovered her files, gave her back the computer, but by the time she got it home, all it did was beep when she turned the power on.

Us computer folks know that that means that during transport the video card or the RAM worked itself loose, and you open up the computer and re-seat the cards, but when I tried to describe that process to her she... well... wasn't comfortable with it. So she called Techs To Go back, and they're sending someone out this afternoon at no additional charge to do just that.

I thought service like that, where the computer was working in their shop and it's clearly a failure during transport, deserved a little shout-out.

Speaking of shout-outs and freelance computer techs: Chris, whom I run into around Marin occasionally, do you need/want some free advertising here?

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#Comment Re: Shout-outs and such made: 2006-06-19 18:05:35.840523+00 by: ckrainey

Hey Dan. Thanks for the mention. I've been eye-balling the Garmin GPS wrist-watch (http://www.garmin.com/products/forerunner205/) and musing 'bout your proposed Linux-based alter-ego with increasing interest(!).

I've actually taken-on the Mac OS X mantle and consider myself a competent and willing referral for support on the SOHO/SMB level. As much as I look for opportunities to put our 'preferred' OS in place, OS X is often a better fit at the level I provide support for. Winblows is also my long-running expertise and I have many SOHO/SMB references available.

I will refer to Techs-To-Go when I get overwhelmed.

Chris Rainey ckrainey >at< gmail >dot< com