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2006-06-23 18:26:17.983914+00 by Dan Lyke 2 comments

I'm down in Sanger a day early 'cause it worked out that way, this evening I'll head to up to Clovis to ride the Tollhouse Century portion of the Climb to Kaiser. But I needed some net access, and I'm reduced to a Starbucks[Wiki]. Oh well, but we make the best of it. So I try to pay for the wireless and I keep getting "bad password". Okay, so I go to "recover password" and get "can't do that for this account". It's been quite a while since I used wifi at a Starbucks[Wiki], I could see that they may have deleted my account, so I sign up for a day pass. "User name in use".

Uhhh... Yeah. So, T-Mobile[Wiki], as an occasional user you're going to make me make up a new user name every time I end up trying to use your network. Yeah. That's going to make me a more likely customer how?

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#Comment Re: made: 2006-06-23 18:55:04.744447+00 by: meuon

A couple of weeks ago we made a quick trip into Atlanta to yank servers from Verizon Business's ATL7 colo center. Had to convince the incredibly effective, but dense, security yahoo's that we were authorized by logging into the customer website management and resolving some issues (like putting my name on the access list). In the lobby of MCI/WorldCom/Verzion Business there was no public wifi, Both the ethernet and power plugs in the lobby were dead. Head to StarBucks down the road for a WiFi hotspot, buy coffee.. get online. Joe and I had Linux laptops, and they wouldn't even let us connect enough to pay them for better access. In the truck, we find a Pizza Place with a usable free public hotspot, sitting in the parking lot, and do what we had to do.

Next time down there.. guess where we are eating lunch and dinner? Pizza!

#Comment Re: made: 2006-06-23 20:49:08.791061+00 by: ebradway

FYI: Krystal now has free wireless and I think McDonald's is following suit. I've used Panera Bread frequently as well.